To get the best hairstyle you need to first determine your face cut. Follow the steps below for a handsome you!

  • Pull your hair back with a comb and hold it in place.
  • Using the bar of soap, trace the outline of your head onto the mirror.
  • The resulting drawing in front of you willreflect either a square, triangle,round, oval or long shape. round, oval or long shape.


 Square Face

Wide jaw and high cheekbones are the key features of men’s square faces. Here’s how you take advantage of these symmetric qualities:

  • Keep your sideburns short and hair above the ears.
  • Try having your hair relatively short but styled upwardto elongate the face.
  • If you are keen on facial hair, opt for a longer beard which will lengthen a square jaw.

Hairstyles for Square Faces

Square faces with strong jawlines suit clean haircuts such as the classic side parting or a modern messy pompadour. So if you’re wondering “what haircut should I get?”, check out the gallery below for some ideas.





Triangle Face Shape

A triangle head shape is defined by a thinner cheekbone/temple area that extends to a wider jawline. Here are some ways to make the most of it:

  • You may want to add width and volume to the topof your head by going for longer hair to balance out your jaw.
  • thick well-groomed beardis useful in disguising the drastic angles of your jawline.
  • fringe can create the illusion of a thicker forehead which reduces the impact of a strong chin.

 Hairstyles for Triangular Faces

In this case, you’ll want to keep your hair longer at the sides and focus on creating volume at the top. Textured pompadourcurly tops and quiffs are all great options that will suit a triangular face.






Round Face Shape

If the results show you have a circular face then here are three tips to bringing out the best in you:

  • short back and sideswill make your head appear longer and render you with a more chiselled look.
  • side-swept fringecan provide contrast to your wide cheek bones. Combine this with a well-trimmed side and you have got yourself a sharper, more masculine look.
  • Draw attention to the top of your head by styling and spiking your hair upwards as this will elongate a rounder face.

Hairstyles for Round Faces

  • The aim here is to give you a more defined, longer jawline by creating height at the top. For that reason, your go-to haircuts will be side partingswith short sides and back, French crops with messy fringes and, you guessed it, pompadours.




Oblong Face Shape

This is one of the most proportioned face shapes out there as cheekbones, jawline and chin are well-balanced. Here’s how you can enhance your face structure:

  • Make sure that you don’t choose a hairstyle that makes your face look longer than it actually is.
  • Avoid long beardsas they’ll create exactly that unwanted, overly-elongated effect.
  • Otherwise, you’re in the lucky group that can pull off pretty much any style.

Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

Once again a side parting accompanied by a stubble will do just the trick.



Oval Face Shape

In this case, your face is longer than the width of your cheekbones and your forehead is wider than your jawline. Here are some tips for this face shape:

  • Steer away from fringesas they’ll make your face look rounder.
  • Create some volume at the topas it will help elongating your features.

Haircuts for Oval Faces

Shorter haircuts are best suited to an oval or egg shaped head as you’ll be able to compensate for your rounder features with a well-angled side parting.




Diamond Face Shape

Diamond shaped faces’ main feature is their length and a pointy chin. Here’s how to get the best out of your diamond face:

  • If you’re thinking of growing your hair out, your bone structure will support longer lengths.
  • Think of softening your most angular features with a layered haircut.



Hairstyles for Diamond Faces

messy fringe or wavy side parting will help you balance the length of your forehead and remember not to go too shorts on the sides as it will make your face look wider.








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