Grooming has become essential and is not a luxury anymore. If makeup is applied correctly it can make a man look more groomed. We sat down with the makeup maestro Omayr Waqar to learn why men should use it more often.





1. Do you think men should apply makeup?

Yes, why not. Makeup is for everyone.



2. Why is there such a stigma around men using makeup?

That’s just a few countries and people. They think Makeup is only made for girls. When you travel and explore the world, they think different.



3. What products do you recommend for men?

Primer, Concealer, translucent powder, Lash curler, bronzer, lip balm.



4. What should men apply on their skin to look good and not too done-up?

Products mentioned above



5. What products do you use yourself?

I personally don’t use makeup on myself. I like to keep it natural. But if I have to sometimes, just a primer and conceal any spots


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