Professions are generally stereotyped. Only men can be engineers and women should be chefs – long gone are the days where the latter was the case. Men and woman are breaking stereotypes around the world but it is more refreshing when it is done in Pakistan. Mohsin Abbas is such a man hailing from Lahore. His passion for jewellery knows no bounds, only second to his love for the camera. We recently  sat down with him and had a few words about his craft:


1. What made you get into being a jewellery designer?

I always have had an inclination towards creative endeavors whilst growing up but my educational preferences were never quite in alignment with art and design so I unlike others got into this career really late. After doing my MBA in marketing I joined my family jewelry(retail) business and after spending around 3 years I realized I should formally pursue my career as a jewelry designer.


2. Where do you derive your inspiration/s from?

Like Steve Jobs said, “Creativity is just connecting things and experiences that influence you in your day to day life and this is exactly what I as a designer feel as well. Because I am always surrounded by jewelry and beautiful designs, I first observe, then absorb and then doodle what I feel is interesting and then formally put it out on paper.


3. How would you describe your aesthetics?

At workplace I am always working with traditional motifs and conventional techniques because that is the market demand but my personal aesthetic is very contemporary, uncomplicated and finely crafted jewelry set in precious stones.


4. What are some of your best pieces and why?

I designed these beautiful pair of earrings very early in my career and they turned out really well. The whole idea behind the design was how a simple pattern can be repeated in a way that creates fluidity and depth in a design. I used Turquoise stone to add a bit of an eastern touch to the piece and I remember really enjoying the whole process from the idea generation phase to rendering to the final stage. At the end it always comes down to how much you enjoy your work and craft and if you do, your designs will always turn out perfect.

These modern pair of earrings are also one of my favorites, they were designed very quickly as the client was short of time, but I remember how pretty they turned out to be. It was again a very simple and repetitive design pattern with an asymmetric stone setting that was first rendered on paper and then manufactured by using CAD/CAM techniques


5. Have you had any formal training in the craft?

Yeah, I am qualified Jewelry Design Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America, NY


6. Any historical pieces that you look upto?

I greatly admire some of the Jewelry pieces adorned by the Queen Victoria and the Late Lady Diana and have always dreamt of seeing them in real life.


7. What does style mean to you?

Personal choice paired with comfort.


8. Three accessories you can’t live in your home without?

My Apple TV, Shorts and Marlboro 😉


You can follow him on Instagram @m.o.h.s.i.n

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