Saadie Sohail

Saadie Sohail is an electrical engineer, creator and purveyor of handmade and custom jewellery. Hopelessly addicted to the bright and shiny objects. We recently sat down with him to ask him about his recent brooch collection. The collection knocked off our socks…




What inspires you to make brooches?

Well, every piece I make has its own different inspiration. The idea first came to me when I noticed the sort of dull suits men tend to wear even at formal events. It made me wonder: why is all the glitter and colour reserved for women while the men stay dark and dull? I wanted to introduce a “funk” factor into men’s dressing – something that enhanced the cheerful side of their personality. That’s when I got the idea to design brooches for men that would complement their western as well as desi dressing. I guess you could say colours are my inspiration.

Violet Firefly



What part do you find challenging in the process?

The challenging part is to deal with the conventional image of men in their mind that wearing brooches will make them a bit effeminate – although it won’t. Wearing them will show a happy side of your personality. Another challenge has been to make the final product – which I make by hand – as close as possible to my original sketch on paper.


Fire Flower


Which one is your best piece and why?

The best piece so far is my first piece, “the cherry blossom tree”. The inspiration for that had been actual cherry blossom trees in Pakistan. After every winter there comes a spring and after every hard time there comes a happiness; so the ideology behind this cherry blossom tree is “ye waqt bhi guzar jae ga”


Tree of Light


An accessory you can’t leave your home without?

My cell phone and my bag.


Global Chimes


What does style mean to you?

For me, style is the way in which you express yourself, your emotions, your happiness; your style represents your personality.




Who is your style icon?

There are so many but my personal favourite is Adam Levine.



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