What was the inspiration behind “Ghundabad“?

I don’t get inspired, i build things on certain stories and characters . Tolken literature is my inspiration. Ghundabad is a fantasy-based city based in Punjab.


How do you describe your creativity and style?

I keep myself busy, read a lot, think a lot. I mold real-life characters and my collection from what I am going through.


How do you bring your inspiration into reality? 

Putting aside the artist, I am a solution provider. Execution is crucial to my thought process. My sketches have to come to life and I sketch bearing that in mind.


How would you describe your personal style?

I focus on functionality. I don’t like a lot of attention on myself, but my collection needs it. Black makes me functional. I teach, run errands, social and work commitments require I remain comfortable and functional.


One accessory you can’t leave your home without?

The pencil in my hair!


What does style mean to you?

Genuine style is rare. People who know fashion dress according to themselves.

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