We recently sat down with Mohsin Naveed Ranjha to talk about his latest Men’s Collection what inspires him and why this collection is just a warm-up for him.

Read the interview below:


1)  What was the inspiration behind your latest men’s collection?

The inspiration comes from traditional floral and geometric patterns with  block print and intricate embellishments.



2)  How do you define the aesthetic of the collection?

We have tried to come up with contemporary designs while staying true to our culture and heritage. We have experimented with different cuts and motifs that pay homage to our culture and traditions.


3)   How would you define the quintessential MNR man?

He is the embodiment of the classic blend of Traditional and contemporary.



4)  An accessory you cannot leave your home without?

Wallet , Cell , Bank charger, Watch.



5)  What does style mean to you?

Fashion is that variable that designers present to us every year whereas style is what you choose for yourself. It’s embracing what you feel most comfortable in and what suits you the best.


6)   How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is all about keeping it simple but classy. Instead of incorporating a wider color palette to my wardrobe, I prefer darker hues like black and blues.

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