Honestly, I didn’t expect much when I first recently went on a trip to Multan. Unbeknownst to me, I was to be overwhelmed. From the hospitable people to the spellbinding architecture. Something very surreal about Multan, one senses the Sufis’ altruistic sprit who had traversed the land centuries ago still imbues the air.


1. The Silent Splendour of Uch Sharif

Though a long drive to the place but totally worth it. The blue tile work is truly awesome. An oasis of beauty!




2.  The Allure of Mughal-Ghotic architecture of Bahawalpur

Noor Mahal is literally a time capsule as if one is stepping into that time period. Well-kept and what a stunner!



3. The Eerie Magnificence of Derawar Fort 

In the heart of Cholistan dessert, a place worth visiting. Especially the exterior is captivating. The interior speak of  its glistening heyday.



4.  The Monochromic Beauty of Eidghahi Mosque

In the middle of the bazaar, but as one steps into the periphery of the mosque and makes one’s way upon the stairs, its monochromic marble beauty captivates one.



5.  The Kaleidoscopic Interior Multan

What a melting pot of beauty:  A Jain temple, abondened mansions from pre-partition and spontaneity of the streets.



6. Mud-wresling

This was truly an educational visit. From how they prep to their diet and everything in between.



7.  Pottery at its best

Because a visit is incomplete without going to a pottery-making factory- quintessentially Multan.



8.  Shrines, Tombs and Sheer Exquisiteness of Architecture and Colour.

I think blue was invented so the tombs and shrines of Multan could be adorned. It was surprising I saw quite a few but my eyes never got tired of  seeing blue in different manifestations.

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