In this time of competitive marketing, where all brands are seeking your attention,it is very hard to get someone to buy into your selling pitch.

Recently, I went to Passions Salon in the enclave after having heard about their state-of the-art services. Upon getting there I was greeted by the warm and gentle owner Shahzad Bhatti. When I spoke with him regarding what I needed I was surprised by his sheer assistance combined with deep knowledge of his field. He is a cosmetologist and a senior member of international dermal institute USA, who knows his craft inside out. He recommenced treatments for my face and hair according to my condition.

Bar dedicated to your hair and skin needs
The Salon Area

The best part of the service was that I was taken along the steps, Shahzad explained it fervently all that entailed from the treatments to my condition and the link between the two. Shahzad personally supervised my hair and skin treatments. I was given a L’Oreal glossing treatment along with Olaplex for body, shine and thickening of my hair. My skin was actually shown to me by face-mapping and the problematic areas were determined and then I was given a Dermalogica customized treatment.

Face Mapping Consultation Card


Dermalogica Customized Skin Treatment


Me with Shahzad Bhatti(CEO of Passions)


My visit to the salon was a highly customer-friendly, customized and result-driven experience.

This one place really lives up to its name-Passion.

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