MWP recently sat down with model Sky Sheridan to talk about fashion and his love for sustaibnble farming and holistic health.


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What made you get into Sky Farms initiative?

As one of the underprivileged growing up I often times went without access to food. When I got involved in farming I began to appreciate the value of self-reliance and access to resources. We live in a digital evolution where our peer-peer networks now give us an opportunity to extend that access to everyone. So I created a think tank to establish the SkyFarms initiative.




How would you define a collaborative economy age and autonomous world age?

The collaborative economy is based on horizontal networks and participation of a community. It is built on “distributed power and trust within communities as opposed to centralized institutions to extend the unused value of goods and services. This increased an individual’s capacity for self-determination or self-reliance, creating an age of autonomy where more choices are available to prosper people and the planet, without the influence of established institutions who protect their self-interest at all costs.


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Sky Sheridan’s Instagram


Do you think fitness and fashion go together?

They are absolutely inseparable as a model, it is your job. Albeit, the fashion industry often times inadvertently promotes unhealthy standards of fitness. Looking heathy and being healthy are conflicting images when you are damaging your body to look a certain way, and to achieve this 24-7 year round can be destructive and draining. True fitness is knowing your body, and proper nutrition, your mental and emotional approach as well as honoring how to transform weaknesses into strength and making sure your body can operate at is highest potential, to look and FEEL good..




What’s your personal style statement?

The true hallmark of style isn’t found in what it does, but how it does it.




An accessory you cannot leave your home without?

My trusty hat. I must have another life in a time when men wore hats outside, or have some unconscious religious attachment to keeping my head covered, or maybe it’s because my hair is like my personality, independent and free–it’s hard to get ahold of. .




What does style mean to you?

It is an expression. An extension of ourselves. And a way to empower parts of our identity. Styles come and go, but one remains classic and that is YOU.




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