With the onslaught of consumerism one can’t help but wonder if materialism defines pinnacle of success in this modern age. Dressing well is a form of good manners as aptly pointed out by Tom Ford, but there is more to man than just clothes. It is kind of setting the stage of sorts, and from there one is looking forward to the unraveling of the plot.


Tom Ford exudes charisma, style and subrange. (Image from GQ)


What makes one’s personal plot interesting…

  1. Quality of Relationships: It is always the quality of relationships one enjoys and not the quantity that matters.
  2. Man of Substance: Upholding those classic gentlemanly values is never out of vogue.
  3. Emoting Emotions: Men are raised to steer clear of showing any emotion, but stating in touch with one’s emotions and expressing them is certainly sign of strength and not weakness.


Late George Michael redefined masculinity in Pop Culture.


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