It can be successfully concluded that the millennia was dominated by the equally hated and loved ‘selfie’. The oxford dictionary added it to their list of new words in 2013 and since then it has been the rage.

Straight off fashion runways in the biggest fashion capitals of the world, we have the opinion of dashing male models on how to take the perfect selfie (or shall we say, manfie?). It is not just women who have perfected the art of the perfect selfie, but also thousands of male Instagram celebrities and models. The Pakistani men aren’t behind too and we list some tips and tricks from the pros of  insta.


  1. First and foremost, the idea of a selfie is to introduce to the world to a cool activity that you are a part of or perhaps share with them an incredible experience. Hence, the background matters the most; take your photo in such a way that you include what is happening in the background, kind of like using a prop.



  1. Second, don’t forget that the selfie only counts as one if you take it yourself. Don’t have someone else take your photo; use your phone’s volume button or camera button to make the perfect click. You’ll likely get used to the angle with practice.



  1. Find an angle that is flattering to your face. For example, never take your manfie with your camera point up at your face. Always take it with the camera pointed down; it hides any extra fat on your face.




  1. After the angle the most important thing is lighting. Use light that flatters your skin tone, which is usually in warm, yellow tones. Avoid back lighting selfies.



  1. Posing is key; never just look straight at the camera with a straight face. Experiment a little. Remember that one eyebrow you can raise? Raise it! Got a cute dimple to show off? Smile!



  1. Always look like you’re having fun. Sometimes the perfect manfie isn’t about looking the prettiest; it’s about making other people laugh or entertain them. Be goofy, be yourself and be lively!

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