1. Oversized shoulders

Wide, boxy shoulders were first  introduced by Gosha Rubchinskiy in his collection in Florence and have, since then, blown up. Demna Gvasalia showcased different styles for large, boxy shoulders in bombers, suit jackets and overcoats in his first Balenciaga collection.  This trend certainly isn’t appreciated by everyone; some may describe wide shoulders as too “chunky” and just plain ridiculous, and understandably so.





2. Bright yellow

Yellow isn’t typically the first colour to pop into a man’s head when it comes to tonal dressing, which, strangely enough, may explain why it seems to be a season favourite; it’s new, bold and refreshing. The color is used in an array of style variations that makes it difficult for people not to love it.

Hermès Look 1


Hérmes Look 2


3. 90s fashion

Designers such as Nasir Mazhar and Gosha Rubchinskiy seem to have brought around a wave of retro revivalism in their spring/summer collections. Tank tops, tracksuits, gilets and even sportswear have made a comeback. Though it may not be for everyone, 90s fashion is back and is here to stay.

Nasir Mazhar Look 1


Nasir Mazhar Look 2


4. Bucket hats

The fisherman look appears to be in style with the revival of bucket hats, which were previously seen as embarrassing fads from the 90s. In their Spring/Summer collections of 2017, Prada, Prada, Nasir Mazhar and other eminent designers sent models out wearing this floppy headwear with stylish variations, of which the most bizarre seem to be raincoats.

Carhartt WIP


Gucci Look 1


5. Beige and cream

Quite easily the least bold of 2017’s spring/summer menswear trends, beige and cream are being used in suits, knitwear, button-downs, coats, et cetera. These subtle colours can be seen as a welcome addition to the whirlwind of bizarre trends such as light bondage, bright yellow and marine-style clothing, bringing a sense of normality to it all. Designers such as Alexander McQueen, Valentino and Dries Van Noten managed to pull them off in innovative ways, as shown below:

Dries Van Noten




6.  Camouflage

This trend in particular absolutely refuses to die, especially now that designers like Dries Van Noten, Givenchy and Valentino have used it in their latest spring/summer collections in different ways, ranging from hooded sweatshirts to button-downs to dusters and greatcoats.



Dries camo
Dries Van Noten


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